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Hello I'm Stephanie.
Kpop, Asian dramas, movies, and wrestling are my obsession.
Love anything cute, hello kitty, mermaids, and pink.
And uh yeah...

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I’m stuck between wanting:

1. A long lasting relationship with my soulmate who supports me and protects me and is my partner and we are completely bad ass together and in love

2. Wanting to have casual sex and rip out the heart of everyone person I meet

3. Being independent and having a loyal dog while I’m married to my career

It scares me how accurate this is.

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Nikki, my lovely, you are B-E-A-U-tiful. :D

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my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

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